Marilyn Manson's Latest Music

Claire Miles
Aug 03, 2020

Good news for fans of rock and metal music! Marilyn Manson promised fans that he would be releasing a new album by the end of the year. And judging by this latest announcement, it seems pretty likely that he will make good on that promise. The American rock singer recently announced that his 11th studio album We Are Chaos will be released on September 11, 2020.

With that announcement, Manson also gave fans a taste of his upcoming music, sharing the album’s title track. “We Are Chaos” was dropped on July 29, the same day Manson announced the upcoming release date of the full album. The track, which will be the first single on the record, was a shared alongside and accompanying music video by Matt Mahurin. Before this latest single, Manson’s most recent releases were a couple of cover songs he did back in 2019. One was a cover of the folk song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.” The other was the rock singer’s version of The Doors’ classic hit “The End.”

Marilyn Manson

Getty Images Entertainment/Frazer Harrison

“When I listen to ‘We Are Chaos’ now, it seems like just yesterday or as if the world repeated itself, as it always does, making the title track and the stories seem as if we wrote them today,” Manson said. “This was recorded to its completion without anyone hearing it until it was finished. There is most definitely a side A and side B in the traditional sense. But just like an LP, it is a flat circle, and it’s up to the listener to put the last piece of the puzzle into the picture of songs.”