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Making the Perfect Cup of Tea

Claire Miles
Aug 02, 2022

Many people prefer coffee because they don’t know how to make the perfect cup of tea. You may not know this but there are actually a number of great health benefits you can look forward to experiencing as a tea drinker. This includes sleeping better at night, feeling calm and even weight loss. With that said, to enjoy these benefits, you actually need to know how to make them. Now before we get started, you should know that there are hundreds of different types of teas all over the world. This includes green tea, black tea, white tea and even fruit teas.

Hand pouring a cup of tea from a stylish transparent teapot into a clear cup

Getty Images / Moment / Catherine Falls Commercial

You should also know that you get loose leaf tea and tea bags. Knowing the difference between these two types of teas is essential. You see each of them needs to be made differently and how you make it can affect the overall taste of your tea. Let’s start with tea bags. Tea bags are the most common form of tea. This is because all you really need to make a cup is your tea bag and some hot water. Now even though it is quite easy to make, you should know that you should boil your water in the kettle. You can steep your tea for as long as your like though.

Now with loose leaf tea, things do become a bit more complicated. Although there is a lot of work that goes into making a cup of loose leaf tea, it can be quite rewarding. In fact, many people find the process very therapeutic. You see to make a cup of loose leaf tea you will need to boil your water, then steep your leaves in the water for the recommended time and then you should strain it. Yes, it can be a long process but like we said, if you do it correctly, you can look forward to enjoying its great benefits.