Makeup Brands That Make Us Feel Our Best

Claire Miles
Jul 23, 2023

There are several different makeup brands launching almost every other day. Different influencers or celebrities are the ones who are launching these makeup brands to enter the beauty industry as an entrepreneur. Some makeup brands have been successful with satisfactory formulas. However, some have just gained traction because of their owners. On the other hand, there are makeup brands that have been in the beauty market for a long time, for example, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Huda Beauty, etc. These listed brands never seem to lose their value or significance in the market because the customers have appreciated their items forever.

The makeup brand ‘MAC’ has been in the beauty industry for decades. Their face powders and foundations have been a part of every woman’s makeup bag because the quality is almost ‘perfect’. You might remember that owning MAC lipstick seemed like a luxury when you were a teenager because of its superior quality. Even in today’s time, MAC lipsticks are considered a luxury because they have exceptional qualities. On the other hand, there is a new makeup brand in the beauty industry called ‘Charlotte Tilbury’. It took the beauty industry by storm with its famous lip color called ‘Pillow Talk’. Pillow Talk was almost sold out at the beginning time of launching. Moving forward, the brand started launching different items for example setting spray, eye shadows, etc.

The items from these makeup brands do not include cheap sale; they have very high price points. But we don’t blame them, they are selling premium long-lasting items at these prices. Another fast-growing makeup brand called ‘Huda Beauty’ has grown exponentially over the past few years. It started with selling lashes after which different items were added for example matte lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, foundations, etc. This beauty guru has risen from below and has taken the international beauty market by storm.

We call these our ‘Almost Perfect Makeup Brands’ because we always feel like they can be more creative and better. Having items from these makeup brands feels almost luxurious and we are a fan of that.