Madonna's New Music

Claire Miles
Nov 16, 2022

You can’t really think of pop music without thinking of the “queen” of pop. If you don’t know who we are talking about don’t worry. We are talking about none other than Madonna. Many people all over the world named Madonna the queen of pop and with good reason. There was a time in the music industry when Madonna had hit record after hit record. Every time you turned on your radio, chances were that you would definitely hear a Madonna song. She made millions in record sales but that’s not all. Madonna was also an in-demand music performer.

Madonna performing on stage with dancers

Getty Images / AFP / FREDY BUILES

Madonna started her solo career in 1981 but truly became popular in the 1980s. Once her career skyrocketed, she became the definition of a pop star. At one point in her career, it seems that all the music she released was seen as hits. Madonna was also an artist who sold out hundreds if not thousands of concerts worldwide. With her popularity and talent, she also went on to win a number of different awards. This included MTV Awards and Billboard Awards. With that said, you may be wondering if she is still creating music. After all, the singer is 64 years old.

To put it simply, Madonna is definitely still creating music and has given no indication that she will be stopping anytime soon. In fact, Madonna has continued to release music and music videos. Her music has definitely changed with the times. However, this is what keeps her as relevant as the younger artists in her genre. With that said, Madonna has also collaborated with a number of new and young rap and pop artists. This has allowed her to tap into a variety of different music styles and it has also gained her a variety of different fans.