Luxury Watches That Are Out Of The Ordinary

Laura Lee
Dec 10, 2019

There are really two main reasons why people decide to invest in a watch. The first reason, and perhaps the most obvious one, is to tell the time. After all, we do live an incredibly fast-paced culture and every moment counts. Being late for a meeting or an appointment can sometimes have tremendous consequences. However, there is another important reason why people choose to wear a watch, and that is to make a statement. Donning a luxury watch from an established brand can signify to people that you are a person of wealth or importance. But sometimes, it’s not just about the label but about the personality of the watch itself. For those looking for a unique wristwatch that will definitely make a statement, there are plenty of options available on the market.

While many watches today are automatic, there are still some designers who create old-school mechanical watches. These luxury timepieces simply exude quality, with their incredible detail and craftsmanship. What’s amazing is the fact that so much complexity can be encapsulated into one tiny gadget on your wrist. French luxury brand Van Cleef & Arpels offers an astronomy-themed timepiece called the Midnight Planetarium Watch. The perfect gift for your dad who taught you all about the planets, this ethereal watch accurately portrays the solar system’s movements in real-time. Another such watch is The Bird Repeater by Swiss watchmaker Jacquet Droz. Worth over half a million dollars, this unique watch features both a mechanical hand-winding movement along with stunning animation, complete with exotic birds, tropical leaves, and a waterfall.

wrist watch

Getty Images/James Brokensha Photography/Moment

Meanwhile, digital watches offer watchmakers the ability to be creative in ways they couldn’t have before. Thanks to automation, watches today frequently feature a sleek minimalist design, boasting cool lights and a lack of mechanical detail. In addition, watchmakers no longer feel the need to limit themselves to the span of 24 hours and some are creating timepieces that tell the week and month, as well as the time in endless cities across the globe. One watch that perfectly exemplifies this new trend of modern timepieces is Yiran Qiuan’s Eye of the Storm. The watch’s face is totally black. Only once its wearer touches a small button do multi-colored lights activate along the sides of the watch, illuminating the time in analog.

The practice of wearing a watch is incredibly common in our 21st-century society. But whether you choose to go for an old-school timepiece with a twist or a more futuristic model, there are so many unique watches out there that deviate from the norm. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one – or for yourself – going for a more unique piece is undoubtedly going to make a statement. But most of all, these miniature masterpieces are simply a wonder to behold.