Luxury In The Heart Of Tel Aviv

Claire Miles
Aug 13, 2020

Hotel Montefiore, a small, secretive and luxurious boutique hotel located in the heart of the trending beach city of Tel Aviv offers a delightful taste of European style service in the Middle East.  Spending even just one night here is a true dream come true, and that’s not to mention their incomparable dining experience offered at the restaurant downstairs, with three meals a day and a not-to-miss happy hour at their classy bar. The twelve room hotel has been around since 2008, and ever since – it’s been famous among locals and tourists alike as one of the most stylish and chic experiences yet.  

The hotel, located right by Rotshchild boulevard, offers guests the chance to explore the hidden gems Tel Aviv has to offer with comfort and ease, and of course, a perfect opportunity to see and be seen throughout it’s streets. No matter what the goal of your stay may be, the hard-working and attentive hotel staff are always sure to tend to their guests, and is the ideal spot for both romantics looking to indulge, as well as businessmen looking for luxury, class and silence during their stay.  

The bedroom of a fancy hotel room


Each room in the hotel has a similar look – almost identical in fact, and are all nothing short of impressive offering all the essentials to make guests feel right home, from a French press coffee set up, cheeses and wines, hand-crafted bath products, and much, much more. And while the rooms may have a standardized look, they still have no shortage of timeless additions to give them that added feeling of European luxury and uniqueness.  Hotel Montefiore’s in-house designer makes sure to keep each and every room up to standard, constantly updating them and collaborating with artists across the globe to explore ways to incorporate the works into the decor of the structure.