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Louis Vuitton Is Opening Its First Restaurant

Marc Gordon
Apr 28, 2019

It appears are if Louis Vuitton is poised to take over every facet of the luxury world. Louis Vuitton has announced it will open a restaurant called Le Café V in a four-story Maison in Osaka, Japan. The brand revealed it had bought the second-largest diamond in the world, and announced a multiyear partnership with the NBA. Louis Vuitton will now join other luxury brands that have opened their own restaurants.

One such brand is Tiffany & Co. The luxury jewelry retailer is poised to open its second Blue Box Cafe, which will be located in the Harrods department store in London. The brand’s first cafe is based in New York City. American fashion house Ralph Lauren has a popular restaurant in New York, as well as a coffee bar in London. Burberry’s Thomas’ Cafe is yet another luxury brand-owned eatery in the British capital. Italian fashion label Gucci is also set to open a new restaurant of its own. The restaurant will be located in Beverly Hills and will be the company’s first US-based eatery – the brand’s first restaurant, Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura, opened its doors in 2018 in Florence.

Chairman and chief executive officer Michael Burke confirmed the restaurant opening to Women’s Wear Daily. Burke also hinted that Louis Vuitton could also expand into more eateries and hotels. According to Hypebeast, Vuitton’s parent company, LVMH, plans to open a Langosteria- a high-end seafood restaurant from Milan- in Paris. According to data consulting agency Interbrand, Louis Vuitton is the most valuable luxury brand in the world.

While the average person probably won’t find themselves dining in these luxurious restaurants on a daily basis, it would definitely make for a special once-in-a-lifetime experience and the perfect way to treat someone you love to a unique evening out. Fans of these luxury brands will be happy to hear that some of the restaurants include a miniature store carrying select products, so you can go shopping after dessert.