Louis Vuitton Essentials

Claire Miles
Jun 03, 2022

Louis Vuitton is probably one of the most well-known high-end fashion brands in the world. This is because it has been around for decades. But this isn’t the only reason why it is so popular. As a brand, Louis Vuitton has been able to change with the fashion times. This means that they have created priceless pieces that fit with every decade. You will notice that every year this fashion house released a number of new and different fashion pieces that have ultimately become must-haves or well collector’s items. With that said let’s take a look at some of the most essential Louis Vuitton pieces.

woman wearing beige pants and louis vuitton bag

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Jeremy Moeller

When it comes to Louis Vuitton you are truly spoilt with options. This is because they have such a wide range of things that you can choose from home decor, luggage, accessory, and of cause fashion. With that said there are a few items that every Louis Vuitton lover has in their collection. First, this will include a Louis Vuitton handbag. Everyone who is everyone owns at least a few different types of LV handbags. This includes their very popular tote bag and their mini bags. You can easily spot a Louis Vuitton hand back because much like its heels that have their famous red sole, their bags are lined with red on the inside as well.

Next, we have to talk about the Louis Vuitton heels. That’s right, LV heels are probably the most bought thing from the brand. Not only are they always stylish and on top of fashion but there is just a certain something about a pair of red bottoms. How could we forget to mention, that Louis Vuitton heels are extremely famous for having their one-of-a-kind red bottoms. Now there are a number of different heels that you can choose from, this includes the Kate heel. These are just a few must-have Louis Vuitton items.