London's Narrowest Home Is Currently On The Market

Laura Lee
Oct 04, 2020

Most people dream of having a big house with lots of room. However, for those people who are looking for a more cozy, intimate space, this unique real estate listing in London, England might be just the thing for them. Recently, an iconic London home was placed on the market. Its claim to fame? Being the narrowest home in the city. Located in the residential district of Shepherd’s Bush, this London home used to be a hat shop that was arranged over the building’s five floors, before it was converted into a home. With the incredibly narrow width of five ft five inches wide, the house appears cramped from the outside. However, it’s roomier than one might expect and actually contains quite a lot of space. 1034 square feet, to be precise.

To give some perspective on the value of the property, the house has doubled in price over the last decade. Clearly, there are many people who wouldn’t mind living in a more compact living space. This isn’t surprising, considering the rising trend of tiny homes over the past few years. The shop still contains remnants of the hat shop that once existed there, including a hat-shaped lamp in the window. Apart from the uniquely narrow width of the building, the property is also recognizable by its dark blue hue that covers the entire exterior. With two bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a terrace, and a kitchen, this house is the perfect size for a small family.

small bedroom

Getty Images/Sven Hagolani

“Unique is an oft overused word, especially by estate agents,” reads the description of the property on real estate company Winkworth’s website. “Perhaps this overuse is why it feels so completely inadequate when it comes to describing this genuinely individual property which, despite its surface oddness, is actually very easy to live with.” The description continues, adding, “Six-foot-wide and arranged over five floors, this astonishing house offers flexible accommodation. Some worry that they would feel compressed in a six-foot-wide house, but counter-intuitively, this is a space that works—in much the way a luxury yacht does.”