Latch Onto This Season's Bag Trends

Marc Gordon
Dec 07, 2020

When it comes to bags, there’s always going to be that struggle of style vs convenience. Luckily this season, these two categories go seamlessly hand in hand. Here’s a glimpse of this season’s bag trends, which are both utilitarian and tres chic.

The chunkier the chain.


Getty Images Entertainment/Edward Berthelot

A chunky chain? The better to hold onto your bag with, my dear! When it comes to this season’s it-bags, we’ve been noticing one trend that just keeps popping up in the mix – chunky chain bag straps. Whether you go for silver or gold, this look is all about making a statement. Also, a weighty chain ensures that you’ll always know when your bag is on you.

Go oversized.

tote bag

Getty Images Entertainment/Edward Berthelot

If you want to thank someone to thank for this cool-girl bag trend, look no further than Mary-Kate and Ashle, circa 2013. The oversized tote might have reached its peak popularity back in the day, but it looks like this convenient carry-all is back and here to stay. At least until next season.

Get a handle on it.


Getty Images Entertainment/Edward Berthelot

If you’re about to invest in a nice bag for your day-to-day life, look for one with a top handle. This not only gives your bag that professional, briefcase-like look, but it also offers another way to hold it, apart from slinging the longer strap across your shoulder. A little versatility goes a long way!