Lash extensions vs False lashes

Claire Miles
May 12, 2023

Isn’t everybody getting lash extensions or false lashes nowadays? Earlier, people were more hesitant when using lashes because it made them feel that they looked ‘too extra’ or ‘fake’. We don’t think both these types of lashes can be used alternatively because their longevity is different so different types of people opt for either false lashes or lash extensions. However, it might not be possible for you to apply for lash extensions yourself; you can get them from a salon or specific aestheticians. With false lashes, you can buy them from any drug store and apply them with lash glue yourself.

Let’s break down our discussion into two parts: false lashes and lash extensions. With false lashes, earlier people didn’t have a wide variety so they didn’t opt for false lashes entirely. Earlier, several brands were selling heavy false lashes only. However, over time, brands are becoming more inclusive and are launching more natural false lashes. This helps people in just filling their gaps without spending an arm and a leg on false lashes. These false lashes usually last for a few hours as they are disposable and you can dispose of them after using them.

As false lashes are readily available, they have reasonable prices as several different and new brands have started selling false lashes. It is fascinating to note that there is a new and different type of false lash called ‘magnetic lashes’. On the other hand, lash extensions are more permanent or semi-temporary. They are used to fill the gap in your natural lashes and require a professional’s help while applying and taking them off. They have a similar variety to false lashes. They tend to last for twelve weeks but need extensive maintenance and hygiene so you don’t develop an infection.

Different types of people prefer these two options. We can’t say that false lashes are better or lash extensions. Though both of them do serve the same purpose but their needs are availed differently because of their price points. But you can always opt for the two but not simultaneously.