King or Queen Size Bed

Claire Miles
Mar 15, 2022

Where you lay your head at night is extremely important. After all, you spend around 8 hours a night on it. So your comfort is extremely important. With all the bed sizes available on the market, there are two that are more popular than the rest. This would have to be the king-size bed and the queen-size bed. Now because they are both so popular, you might have a hard time choosing between the two. But hey that’s why you are here, to get the fact to help make this decision easier.

Young woman sleeping on bed in bedroom at home

Getty Images / Westend61 / Westend61

Before you can get into the different types of beds, you have to look at the mattress. You see without a quality mattress it’s kind of pointless having a big bed. Having a quality mattress will help prolong the life of your bed in general. Now there are a number of different mattresses that you can choose from. In fact, there are so many that serve different purposes. All you need to do is choose one that fits all your needs. You may have heard of a memory foam mattress before. You are able to get this mattress in both king and queen size beds.

Now on to the size of your bed. The size of your bed really depends on how much space you are working with. This speaks to the size of your bedroom. But that’s not all you have to think about when selecting the size of your bed. You also have to think about how much room you need to spread out. Once you have answers to those questions you can then go ahead and select a comfortable bed that should last you up to 12 years. Now if you have a fairly large room with loads of space, a king-size bed will be great.