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Italian Cuisine

Andrew Parker
Jul 18, 2022

Italian cuisine is a Mediterranean cuisine consisting of fresh vegetables, quality ingredients, simple recipes, and amazing cooking techniques. Italian Cuisine is perfect for someone who has a passion for good food, doesn’t matter if you are passionate about eating or cooking. Their recipes have been passed down to generations and Italian cuisine is all about technique and quality food ingredients.

Italian culture and food is all about being authentic and making food from scratch, this means that there are no preservatives or artificial flavoring. In Italy, all the restaurants are known for their homegrown vegetables and fresh fish from the river. The taste and freshness of the food is preserved this way.

Pasta is one of the most famous dishes and is made from scratch. Firstly the dough is made from secret tips and tricks and then the mouth-watering sauce is then made from freshly picked tomatoes from the farm. This enhances the taste and makes the dish tasty to another level. In fact, the best dish has to be Pizza, it is known by every European kid growing up. The freshly made bread seasoned with different vegetables and sauces, the original cheese melted on top of it makes the experience a thousand times better. Risotto is also one of the famous dishes made from rice boiled with broth until it reaches a thick consistency. It is the most common way to cook rice in Italy. Risotto is preferred in many households as it is very easy to prepare and many people can customize it to their taste. You can eat it with different meat and toppings, which is a very hearty dish. Lasagne is also one of the tastiest dishes and is perfect for a cozy dinner. It is made from cheese, pasta, tomato sauce, and cheese.