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Introducing The Caffeinated Bagel

Marc Gordon
Oct 14, 2019

Maybe you’re not a morning person and a cup of coffee with a bagel simply isn’t enough to get you up and going in the morning. Maybe you can’t afford to purchase both a bagel and a coffee, or maybe you just don’t have enough hands to carry both and all of your daily items on your way to work in the morning. Or maybe you just really like new trendy foods. The caffeinated bagel is here to save the day. The recently released Espresso Buzz Bagels are the very first bagels to contain caffeine. They were created by the American bagel chain, the Einstein Brothers. Each caffeinated bagel has an entire 32 milligrams of caffeine, which is approximately a third of what you will get from a small cup of coffee. The bagel however also offers an impressive 13 grams of protein.

It probably won’t cut it to replace your coffee with two of these bagels, but the combination of your coffee together with the caffeinated bagel can go a long way in getting you through the day, especially with the combination of carbohydrates and caffeine. What does it taste like, you may ask? According to people who have already tasted it, it’s just like chewy coffee.  The coffee flavor comes from a combination of both coffee-cherry flour and espresso. They appear similar to pumpernickel bagels and the coffee flavor apparently only kicks in after a few bites. The Einstein Brothers Bagel company is now serving their caffeinated bagels either as is, or in a sandwich stuffed with bacon, eggs and butter. Sounds like the ultimate morning pick-me-up with a whopping 600 calories.  For now they are only a limited edition item, but might become a menu staple eventually depending on their success.