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Instagram Accounts That Feature Beautifully Baked Bread

Andrew Parker
Jun 06, 2020

In this day and age, cultivating the perfect Instagram page and feed is an art form. It takes dedication, vision, style, and the know-how to make the list of best Instagram accounts. And when it comes to food- or specifically, bread- the competition is tough. Any carb-lover will tell you how a good bread baker can brighten up their feed and bring a smile to their face. From fancy focaccia to colorful ciabatta fresh from the oven, these are some of the most popular Instagram accounts featuring beautifully baked bread. 


Elise is a 21 year old home baker from Norway! She is a self-professed sourdough enthusiast, which we totally understand. This recipe is called the Butterfly pea flower swirl bread! Blue dough: 15% whole wheat flour, 85% hydration, 20% levain, 2% salt, 2% butterfly pea flowers, steeped for about two hours. Plain dough: 15% whole wheat flour, 85% hydration, 20% levain, 2% salt.


Maurizio Leo is a Saveur blog award winner for his blog The Perfect Loaf. He is a home sourdough baker that is definitely a professional. He makes a range of bread from baguettes to pan de mei to even sourdough pretzels, all with natural leavening!


Dianne Bibby is rather famous among South African’s food bloggers and for good reason. Every post is gorgeous. Her first cookbook, Bibby’s Kitchen, has its own chapter devoted to bread. Dianne Bibby shares her creations on Instagram ranging from glossy challah to fluffy bagels crusted in za’atar to her popular recipe for overnight ciabatta.


Marinus and his wife Katiren began Manna Sourdough in South African and it has certainly taken off. Renowned along the coast from his quality breads, Marinus uses local flavor to set his sourdough apart. Using indigenous herbs like coastal sage and kapokbos (wild rosemary) while his carrot and cumin and seaweed bread sell out at local markets!