Infinity Pools

Laura Lee
Feb 19, 2022

Infinity pools make you feel glamorous and it adds a bit of luxury to your home. These pools are mainly known for their never-ending waterfall-like appeal. You see if you don’t know, infinity pools are designed to give you the allusion that the water is running over but the pool never ends up empty. But how exactly do they achieve this? Well, that is what we are here to discuss.

woman in infinity pool admiring scenic view of ocean

Getty Images / ac productions

Infinity pools are also known as zero edge pools. This is because water continues to run over one side of the pool. An infinity pool is designed to give you the allusion that there is no space between the pool and the landscape. You don’t have to be a genius to understand how this allusion works, it’s really simple. You see an infinity pool kind of works like a waterfall.

The water runs over but it doesn’t disappear into thin air, it actually filters down into a lower section. Once the water reaches this lower section it is then pumped back into the pool. This is exactly how the water in the pool never actually decreases. Instead, think of the water simply moving in a cycle and continuing to refill itself.

In order for the water to actually reach the section below, infinity pools are made with a lower edge. Do you know how pools all have four edges that are the same height? Well, an infinity pool also has four edges except one of them will be billed a bit lower. This edge will be used to achieve the overflowing effect. You might have also heard of this as the disappearing edge.

Now you should know that infinity pools fit best with homes on high heels but that doesn’t mean you cant’ have one in your backyard. If you want it, get it. Consult with a pool builder for the best advice.