Indian Fashion

Claire Miles
Jun 23, 2022

Traditional Indian clothing consists of saris worn with embroidered cholis, a skirt known as lehenga worn with a choli drape with a fancy dupatta and shalwar kameez. These articles of clothing are normally worn during functions or events and in day to day life mostly saris and salwar kameez are worn. Indian fashion is known for its cultural heritage, colorfulness and elegance. It has been evolving since ages and is one of the oldest fashion styles. It brings out the beauty and elegance of a woman for which it was very famous. For not only being comfortable, modest and aesthetically pleasing, it is seen as an element of India’s rich history. The dresses are designed with small mirrors, karahaai, gota and hand sewn fake flowers made from different fabrics.

Indian woman in traditional clothing

Getty Images / DigitalVision / John M Lund Photography Inc

Nowadays, Indian fashion has been inspired by pressing printed designs on silk, lawn and cotton fabric. The clothing beauty is further enhanced by the rich and sophisticated Indian jewelry. The jewelry is not only popular in India but also in the USA, because of eye-catching designs decorated with colorful beads and stones. They are quite heavy and fancy but so beautiful to not resist wearing them. A bindi is a statement and completes the traditional Indian look. Red is considered to be an auspicious color on the day of wedding, many brides wear red which symbolizes the stage of changing their life and starting a new chapter in their lives. The men mostly wear kameez with different shalwar according to the respective culture, in Rajasthan the shalwar is quite large while the modern version includes tightly fitted trousers. Kurta and sherwani are commonly worn by the men on the wedding day. The sherwani has designs imprinted on it to make it more traditional. Indian fashion has been greatly influenced by the west as it is common for them to wear jeans and shirts too.