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In Other News, Japan Has A Cat Shrine

Laura Lee
Feb 20, 2020

Japan has long been known for its unique culture, making it one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. To be exact, almost 30 million tourists visit the Asian Pacific country each year. And if you know a thing or two about Japanese culture, it’s pretty clear why. From its ancient Shinto shrines to its world-renowned cuisine (this is the country that invented gyoza and sushi, people), Japan is truly one of a kind. There are truly dozens of cool reasons to visit the country and explore its three major cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

The Japanese are famously known for their love of all things bizarre and eclectic. This is clearly demonstrated through Tokyo’s quirky and cute anime cafes and the infamous fashion style of its Harajuku district. These days, cat lovers everywhere have reason to celebrate because apparently there is a shrine in Kyoto that’s entirely devoted to cats – appropriately called the Meow Meow Shrine or Nyan Nyan Ji in Japanese.

The feline-themed shrine was founded by Toru Kaya, a painter of shrines and temples, and the original cat devotee. Visitors can browse leisurely through the plethora of statues and drawings depicting various furry felines. Cat worshippers will be delighted to meet the shine’s staff, which includes a cat monk and six little catto assistants. The current head monk is a feline named Koyuki, who is currently the shrine’s most popular catto thanks to his adorably grumpy face.

For those who aren’t too crazy about art, the shrine’s restaurant offers cat-themed food and drink, and you’re invited to explore the temple gift shop afterward. So whether you’re a fan of cats, or just want to sip coffee while having a uniquely Japanese experience, the Meow Meow Shrine should definitely be on your bucket list.