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Improving Your Lifestyle

Laura Lee
Aug 16, 2022

Switching our way of living life is not easy. At all. We have formed a habit of lying in bed all day, scrolling mindlessly through social media, and never studying, we were basically just wasting time. We should realize that changing lifestyles is not easy. Once you form a habit of something, getting out of that comfort zone is what requires the most resilience. It gets exhausting and discomforting to leave the same cycle of routine and adapt to new changes. Moreover, changing routines is not easy. Your mind will play all kinds of games and ensure that you stay hooked on your boring yet easier zone.

Start off by making a timetable for yourself, for every day of the week, including everything you need to get done and things you don’t usually do but can help you live a healthier life. Most of the routines can be fixed if we sort out our sleep schedule. We have been so habitual of staying up late at night as when we get up in the morning, we feel extremely annoyed and irritated. Take a glass of warm milk as it will help you to feel better and will soothe your body. You could also read a book or practice some mild sleeping yoga. The next step is to keep an alarm. Keep an early morning alarm and go for a run. When you wake up in the morning, take a fresh bath. This will help you to kickstart the day. Make yourself a healthy breakfast. You can spend time with family, eat and go out for fresh air, but avoid using gadgets all day long. You could reward yourself at the end of the day by unwinding on your bed and watching videos, listening to music, catching up on socials, etc.