Iceland's Newest Geothermal Manmade Lagoon

Claire Miles
Nov 04, 2019

Iceland draws millions of visitors each year because of its stunning natural beauty. The landscape is truly magical promising endless snow-covered volcanoes, mountains, and ice fields. The Nordic icy views are like nothing you’ll see anywhere else in the world. It draws eco-conscious travelers as well; Iceland has the cleanest energy consumption in the world. The tourism board is committed to keeping the environmental impact of tourism low by supporting tours, hotels, and the sector as a whole to protect the environment. Plus, Iceland has the Northern Lights which is on many people’s bucket lists.

But how could we talk about Iceland and not mention the Blue Lagoon? It is one of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions and rightly so. The geothermal spa is filled with mineral enriched water that exfoliates the skin. There’s a waterfall that flows heated water so standing underneath it feels like a warm bath. Though it sounds spectacular, many have complained about long lines, crowded water, and overpriced admission. So if you’re looking to check out Iceland’s lagoon but skip all the tourist buzz then you’ll want to check this out. Hospitality company Pursuit announced their plans to expand its collection of travel experiences with an oceanfront geothermal lagoon. Now you can enjoy the amazing springs while taking in the country’s gorgeous ocean views.

Called Sky Lagoon, the new lagoon will be located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, just a few minutes from Reykjavik. Visitors will be able to relax, rejuvenate and take in the incredible sights of the Atlantic ocean. “We are thrilled to unveil plans to develop a remarkable geothermal lagoon experience along one of Iceland’s most stunning oceanfront locations,” says Dagny Petursdottir, General Manager of Sky Lagoon, in a statement. Petursdottir added that the lagoon “will enable guests to connect with mind, body and spirit through the radiant powers of geothermal waters while taking in such impressive ocean views. Spending time relaxing in natural geothermal waters is an integral part of our culture here in Iceland,” said Petursdottir. In addition to its updated yet traditional design, Sky Lagoon will also feature a cold pool, sauna, in-lagoon bar, dining, and shopping.