How to Wear Jeans in Winter

Andrew Parker
Jan 23, 2022

Jeans are just so practical. You can dress them up and you can make them look casual, you can wear them at a formal event or at the grocery store. They are not too warm, but not too thin. But depending on where you live, they might not be warm enough for those cold winter months. If you can’t go without denim in the winter, here are some ideas to keep you warm while looking stylish.

First, store your distressed jeans away. If you live somewhere cold, ripped jeans are definitely not an option for the winter months since you won’t want your skin to be exposed to the elements. For this same reason, we also recommend skinny or at least boot-cut jeans. Larger styles such as mom jeans or flares will allow the cold air to travel up your legs, making you feel colder than you need to.

Woman wearing jeans and golden boots

Getty Images / EyeEm / Viktoria Ujvari

Now let’s talk coats. You can pair your denim with a variety of stylish tops. Try long faux fur coats to keep you toasty and warm or puffer jackets if you are going for a casual and sporty vibe. A neutral-colored trenchcoat will always look effortlessly casual, while a blazer will immediately elevate your look.¬†On rainy days, pair your skinny jeans with rain boots and a raincoat. You can find several types of boots that will keep you stylish and dry, as well as beautiful raincoats that will make you wish it rained more often so you could wear them all the time.