How to Use Lip Liner to Enhance Your Lips

Laura Lee
May 14, 2021

Lip liner has been an essential item in anyone’s make-up bag since our grandmas were young. For a few years in this last decade, this versatile product was ignored by numerous women, but it is finally regaining the recognition it deserves. Here are three ways to make the most of your lip liner.

First, outline.

Lip liner applicators in an abstract geometric arrangement

Getty Images / Moment / Gaelle Beller Studio

Before anything else, you should take advantage of your lip liner to improve the symmetry of your lips. If there is anything to correct when it comes to the balance of your mouth, this is the time to fix it. First, follow the natural shape of your lips, then, blend out the edges inward so that the liner can’t be distinguished from your mouth.

Fill it in.

3 pink lipsticks against blue and pink background

Getty Images / Moment / Tanja Ivanova

Once your lips are outlined, it’s time to fill in your lips with lipstick. Thanks to the help of lip liner, the edges of your lips are perfectly sharp, so applying lipstick afterward is an easy job. With the borders in focus, your lips will immediately look fuller.


Concealer containers with make-up brush

Getty Images / Moment / Yulia-Images

A good trick to keep lipstick and lip liner from bleeding is using concealer. You can either apply a little product before even using your lip liner or after applying your lipstick. Either way, concealer is a great product to have nearby for any potential make-up emergency – especially when it comes to dark lipstick.