How To Spend The Perfect Morning In Tel Aviv

Laura Lee
Oct 22, 2020

For those of us who are late risers, the idea of a perfect morning is basically waking up at 11:00 am, having a giant cup of coffee, and then very slowly starting our day. However, when we’re on vacation, seeing the city during the early hours of the day can be an incredibly refreshing experience; not only because you’ll be guaranteed to beat the mid-morning tourist rush, but because roaming the streets simply feels different at this time of day. This can be said of pretty much all major cities, and Tel Aviv is no exception. While the Mediterranean metropolis has become world-renowned for its young and hip nightlife, its early morning hours offer a totally unique experience. The air is somehow crisper, the vendors are just setting up their stalls at the local marketplace, and the sites have yet to be seen. Luckily, there are many wonderful ways to explore this city before noon.

One of the most special things about Tel Aviv is the fact that it’s a coastal city. To make the most of this incredible location, enjoy the morning by strolling up and down the city’s promenade, which runs along the Mediterranean seashore. This is the perfect place to get in your daily dose of vitamin C while taking in the sparkling blue shores and local sunbathers. Oh, and it’s also a prime people-watching spot. Whether you break out your favorite bathing suit and take a dip in the warm water or enjoy the sea views from the boardwalk, there is no wrong way to do Tel Aviv’s beach scene.


Getty Images/Alexander Spatari/Moment

For a tasty breakfast bite, look no further than the nearby Kerem HaTemanim neighborhood. This hip area is a favorite amongst locals for many reasons, one of them being an abundance of cool cafes. Try one of the many versions of Shakshouka, a savory Middle Eastern dish made with eggs and fresh tomatoes. For some local color, head to the Shuk HaCarmel, the city’s most famous marketplace, and stop by one of the many stalls offering Borekas, a delicious regional pastry stuffed with cheese, potato, and other flavorful fillings. Or, for a true Tel Aviv meal, enjoy a hearty, early-morning plate of hummus, complete with fresh pita bread for dipping.

Afterward, have fun taking in the Shuk’s colorful stalls and vendors. If you wake up early enough, you’ll be able to browse the market before it gets really crowded, and will have your pick of the fresh produce.

These are just some of the ways to enjoy a Tel Aviv morning like a true local, but luckily, there is plenty more to discover!