How To Spend A Romantic Evening In Paris

Laura Lee
Aug 19, 2020

Ah, Paris! The city of lights. This beloved destination is known as one of the most romantic places in the world for a reason. From its charming alleys to its intimate and cozy bistros, the French capital is bursting with picturesque locations that are the place to enjoy a romantic evening. Here are some ideas for the ultimate date night in Paris.

Go To A Secret Cocktail Bar


Getty Images/Sonia Almeida /EyeEm

Parisians clearly love their cocktails. This can be seen through the sheer number of cocktail bars dispersed throughout the city. However, some of the most beloved joints are only known to locals, meaning you probably won’t find them on any travel guides. The best way to find these secret places is to ask your hotel reception for recommendations, or better yet, just try asking people on the street.

Enjoy Oysters And White Wine


Getty Images/Mint Images/Mint Images RF

Oysters are known to be one of the most romantic foods out there. Thankfully, the French capital is jam-packed with cozy brasseries and bars which frequently offer special deals on wine and oysters. This is truly the perfect way to cool down on a warm Parisian evening while enjoying some delicious delicacies with your loved one

Stroll Through Marais


Getty Images/Didier Marti/Moment

Paris has many wonderful neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. However, the Marais district definitely tops the list when it comes to romance. Trendy and bustling with life during the day, this charming quarter changes its energy during the evening hours. Once the sun goes down bars open up, Marais is the perfect place to enjoy an intimate and romantic date. Whether you stroll through the district’s cozy alleyways or enjoy wine and charcuterie at one of its tiny bistros, it will definitely be an evening to remember.