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How To Plan The Ultimate RV Trip

Marc Gordon
Jun 03, 2020

Now more than ever we’re all dreaming of the ultimate summer vacation, and there are few other things more exciting and bucket-list-worthy than a road trip. If you’re planning to hit the open road in an RV this summer, there are a few things you will want to plan before you go. From figuring out what to pack, where to go, and which campgrounds or RV parks to book, you’ve got questions. Luckily, Boondockers Welcome has the answers to make your trip the best. Marianne Edwards, chief Boondocker and co-founder of Boondockers Welcome, created this platform with her daughter, Anna Maste, to solve an issue she encountered throughout her 15 years of RV-ing.

“I recognized the need for a better option than a noisy Walmart parking lot when we were en route and only looking for a safe, legal place to stop for the night. I knew how friendly and welcoming RVers are; we frequently exchanged invitations to stop and visit while exploring each other’s home turf,” she said. Boondockers Welcome doesn’t just benefit the RVers who get a free place to stay. Edwards says it’s great for those who host, too. “Not only is hosting RVers easy — they carry everything they need with them to be self-sufficient guests — but they’re good company, too. We love the opportunity to share our travel stories with someone who’s genuinely interested. That’s how the idea for Boondockers Welcome was born,” she added.

What is Boondockers Welcome? It’s a community of hosts (people who own property and allow RVers to park there) and guests who are looking for a place to stay overnight. Guests pay $50 per year to access the community of host’s property so its a really good way to save some money. Guests can stay at a location for up to five nights. According to Carrie Andress, community support specialist for Boondockers Welcome, “Host locations can range from a driveway at a house in downtown San Francisco to several acres of land in the country with no one else in sight. Many hosts are RVers themselves, are new to RVing, and looking to get more information about the lifestyle or just simply enjoy the company of guests.”