How to Make the Most of Empty Corners

Andrew Parker
Nov 25, 2021

Unless you had all of your furniture custom-made for each one of the rooms in your house, chances are some corners have been left pretty empty. It makes sense – you got all the furniture pieces you needed to make your rooms functional and stylish, but they weren’t really made for those spaces. The truth is, most times, these empty corners are totally fine the way they are and there’s no need to fill them up with more furniture or decoration. But if you are in need of more storage space or want to make the most of every inch of your home, here are some decor ideas for your empty corners.

Armchair and tree in house entryway

Getty Images / Mint Images RF / Mint Images

Recently, many of us have started working from home – which, for most of us, means working from the couch or the dining table. If you don’t have a spare room to turn into a home office, you can place a desk in that empty corner in your guest room and make it your workspace. Whether you prefer buying a brand new desk or building your own, a desk is a great (and practical) way to use that empty area.

If a home office isn’t something you need, consider using those empty corners for storage. You can put up floating shelves, a corner bookcase, or even some cubbies that match your decor style to instantly gain lots and lots of storage. Some other pieces of furniture that will add practical storage space to your home are hall trees, cabinets, and bar carts.