How to Make a Statement With Your Interior Décor

Claire Miles
Jan 18, 2021

Interior design is like fashion: your personality should shine through your choice of furniture and décor. But just like fashion, there are other elements to take into consideration when picking your interior décor. After all, interior design is as much about beauty as it is about comfort, flow, and usability.


Low angle view of pendant light hanging from ceiling against white brick wall

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One of the best ways to make your décor cozy and elegant at the same time is playing with scale. An extra-large element, such as a piece of art or furniture, will instantly up your design game. Another great way to upscale your décor without taking up a lot of space is a large pendant light.

Hidden Storage

Light brown wooden TV cabinet against white wall on wood flooring

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Making your place look worthy of an interior design magazine cover seems complicated. When people live in a space, there are things everywhere, and it’s easy to end up with a cluttered home. A simple way to fix this issue is hiding your mess in furniture that doubles as storage.

Rule of Three

White, gray and beige living room furniture against white wall

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The rule of three is very simple: the eye is attracted to odd numbers, especially the number three. Keeping that in mind, grouping three items together will create a higher visual interest when designing a space. Pictures, candles, cushions, or any other décor element will look more elegant when combined in an odd-numbered group.

Negative Space

White ladder by sofa covered in dust sheet in room, view through doorway

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Just as important as the elements you do have, empty space will also make your room look more elevated. This breathing room makes the eye see the space as larger than it truly is. A good trick is painting a door and its frame the same color in order to make them blend in together, which gives the illusion of a larger blank area.