How To Explore The City Of Oslo

Claire Miles
Dec 18, 2019

If you’re searching for your next European destination, Oslo should definitely be next on your list. The capital of Norway is known for its natural beauty and for its many interesting museums. The urban heart of a country known for its Viking roots, Oslo is a wonderful mix of ancient and modern culture. The city is also known for its relaxed vibe. Oslo locals love to take their time and enjoy life in their beautiful country, and it’s pretty easy to see why. From their super cool cuisine to the many flea markets dispersed across the city, this Scandinavian capital is definitely a place worth visiting.

One of Oslo’s most popular attractions is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. A celebration of the late 19th century Norweigan sculptor Gustav Vigeland, the park has more than 600 of his stunning pieces on display, which are composed of all types of materials. The exhibition is located inside Frogner Park. So if you’re planning to spend a day exploring Vigeland’s sculptures, make sure to pack some sandwiches in a picnic basket for later, which you can enjoy amongst the park’s beautiful greenery and architecture.


Getty Images/Merethe Svarstad Eeg/EyeEm

Oslo is also well-known for its stunning and ancient churches. Check out Gamle Aker Kirke, otherwise known as Old Aker Church, which the oldest church in the city. Built during Medieval times, Gamle Aker is not only Oslo’s oldest church but the oldest building structure in the whole city. When you’ve finished exploring and are ready for a quick food break, stop by Haralds Vafeel for a tasty local treat. Their sweet and savory waffles are the perfect way to enjoy the flavors of the city. Also, don’t forget to try the famous Norwegian Brunost, also known as “brown cheese”, which is a strong caramelized cheese that’s commonly eaten on toast, ice cream, and many more foods.