How To Exercise When You’re Busy

Andrew Parker
Jul 20, 2023

In this century, life demands more and more of us on a daily basis. Whether it’s trying to do well at your job, get good grades at school, or take good care of your family, we are all becoming busier and busier. In the middle of this chaos, it can be easy to forget to exercise and get your body moving regularly to maintain your health. This is why it has become important to recommend people make their fitness goals realistic in their life and prioritize those types of exercises that are most convenient.

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How to Exercise When You’re Busy/ Oli Scarff / Staff

One of these is by identifying parts of your life where you already do light movement, such as climbing stairs or walking around the house, and then making them more difficult. A way to do that is to incorporate exercises into climbing the stairs. An example is to climb two stairs instead of one and lower the hips more in between the stairs so that it becomes a lunge. The exercise can also be arranged into sets and repeated so that more benefit can be gained. Further, it would be helpful to stay in that lunge position for 30 seconds, to add more tension to the muscles and improve their definition in the long term.

Another way is to find a form of exercise that you find enjoyable, such as playing a sport. It is easier to get yourself moving when it doesn’t have to feel like a chore or like you’re being forced to do it. This is why choosing a sport you enjoy, like swimming or badminton, will actually increase the chances of you remembering to exercise, simply because you like it. After all, the most effective type of exercise is the one that you are actually motivated to do on a regular basis.