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How to Eat Sushi

Laura Lee
Mar 18, 2022

Sushi is eaten all over the world. It makes for a great snack and a great meal. But with its increasing popularity, it has gone through some changes. You see each country or city adapts sushi which originated in Japan, to their customer’s tastes. Now with that said, many of us have been eating this delicious food wrong and may not even know it. Yes, you may not know how to use chopsticks but it’s a bit deeper than that.

Whether you are eating sushi in a restaurant or as a takeaway, you will always get it with ginger and wasabi. Wasabi is a green-like paste that is used to make the fish taste better. But this isn’t the only reason why wasabi is served with sushi. It is also served with sushi to help kill any bacteria that remain on the raw fish. Ginger on the other hand is meant to be eaten between sushi servings. It is meant to be used as a pallet cleanser.

Variety of sushi on a tray with chopsticks and soy sauce on stone background

Getty Images / Moment / Claudia Totir

Another condiment that is always given and eaten with sushi would be soy sauce. This salty black sauce is meant to be eaten with sushi to help with the fishy odor. It also provides you with that umami synergistic effects everyone speaks of. Next, we have to talk about chopsticks. Most people commonly at sushi with chopsticks. This is because it helps you avoid getting rice and raw fish all over your hands. Chopsticks are also much more sanitary.

Now there are some places where eating sushi with your hands is considered a tradition. If you are a beginner or new to sushi, chopsticks can be pretty difficult to use. So using your hands may seem like your only option. Now whether you want to eat your sushi with chopsticks or your hands, it is totally up to you. Do keep in mind that it is more common to eat sushi with chopsticks in restaurants. But hay the choice is yours.