How to Design Your Bedroom

Claire Miles
Mar 30, 2023

What’s the most important room in the house? After a long day’s work, having dealt with all sorts of nonsensical drama – office politics, overbearing task lists, and annoying bosses, there is one place we all think about. The foodies here may be thinking about the kitchen, but for those of you who prefer not to set up camp on the kitchen floor, you are probably thinking about your bedroom – more specifically, your bed. At the end of the day, everybody wants to go back to a clean, well-organized bedroom optimized for good sleep and better dreams.

Designing a bedroom is, in itself, an art. It is the canvas that depicts who you are as an individual – use it as such. Design your room in a way that showcases to the world who you really are. The question arises: How do you even begin to do that – to map out your personality through this artistic vessel? There are many different facets one has to take into account when personalizing a bedroom.

View of light, bright bedroom and double bed with white bedspread and blue pillows

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Tony Anderson

First, ask yourself: What color scheme are you going for? Many go for the avant-garde minimalist tones entrenched in various shades of gray. Do not mistake this look as dull – when executed correctly, the minimalist set-up can be the most alluring. Grey and white wall colorings, dark chrome furniture – the occasional dab of color in the form of a painting.

After having established your color scheme, next you should look at optimizing your bedroom for its intended function: sleep. Studies show the importance of a dark setting during your sleeping hours. As such, another important addition to the bedroom would be blackout blinds. This accessory, although not the most aesthetically pleasing, is essential for making sure that no light enters the room until you wish it to. It suffices to say, humans cannot function without quality sleep. The quality of one’s sleep is often directly related to the environment in which you lay your head – the more comfortable the environment, the better the sleep. That is why its so important to have a room you love.