How to Design a Room: A Step-By-Step Guide

Laura Lee
Nov 07, 2021

Moving into a new house is as exciting as it is overwhelming. So many blank walls, empty rooms, and new spaces. Having a blank canvas to design from scratch can sound like a lot of work, but we promise it is also a lot of fun. If you’re not convinced yet, this step-by-step guide will prove how easy decorating each one of your rooms can be.

Starting with the first room, ask yourself what you want it to be. If this is a bedroom, you want it to feel calming and inviting, but if it’s a home office, you don’t want it to be too distracting. Then, it’s time to look for inspiration. This is one of the most fun parts of the process: check out your favorite social media pages, interior decor magazines, and even stores or friends’ houses that you think have an interesting decor style.

living room with gray tile flooring

Getty Images / Moment / Jacek Kadaj

With a style in mind, it’s time to make a plan.┬áBefore you buy any furniture, come up with a budget, declutter (if you are redesigning that space), and measure the room. You can either use an online platform to create a floorplan or a piece of paper to sketch out your layout ideas. This is also the right time to decide on your color palette.

Now, it’s finally time for shopping. Start with your anchor pieces – that is, couches, beds, or any other large and expensive pieces of furniture. Then, move on to your secondary pieces – coffee tables, bedside tables, floor lamps. Finally, it’s time to accessorize your space. Use rugs, curtains, and throw pillows to bring the room to life.