How to Decorate Your Home According to Color Psychology

Claire Miles
Apr 17, 2021

Each room in your home deserves its own identity. Using the theory of color psychology, it is possible to integrate fashionable accents and functionality in the same environment. Color psychology is the idea that different hues can impact and determine human behavior. In fact, this theory is widely used in fields such as marketing and branding, as it is believed that the right color can influence a customer’s perception in relation to the services provided by a company.

Furniture arranged in living room with painting on wall

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Klaus Vedfelt

This theory can also be applied when it comes to home decor. Painting your rooms with the right color can transform them and even improve their functionality. It is a well-known fact that warm hues are stimulants, for example, which means that yellow, red, orange and pink are great color options for your home office. On the other hand, cooler colors such as blue and green have a calming effect, which makes these colors great choices for your bedroom.

For your living room, which is normally a visually crowded room, our tip would be to keep it neutral. Painting your walls white or beige and adding wooden furniture is a great way to keep things more organic. And when it comes to the kitchen, remember one important rule: yellow and red are known for making us hungry, so use this knowledge wisely.