How to Always Hang Art Perfectly Straight

Marc Gordon
Jan 22, 2022

Whether you enjoy changing your artwork often to keep things interesting or you just move around a lot, needing to hang art pieces constantly is a struggle. It’s one of those things that simply do not get easier with experience. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you make this activity a little less painful.

Start by grabbing some painter’s tape. You will need to stick a long strip of tape across the holes on the back of your frame, making sure it is placed on the same spot on each side, then poke a hole through the holes. Once that is done, remove the tape and place it wherever you want on your wall. This is the perfect time to use your level (or your level phone app) to make sure the line is perfectly straight.

 woman hanging picture on wall

Getty Images / DigitalVision / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

Using those marks as a guide, drill holes into the wall. Remember to use the correct drill bit for the type of wall you are drilling: there are specific types of bits for each material for a reason. After drilling the wall, place your anchors into the wall and insert your screws with the help of the drill. Now, your wall is ready for your artwork. Easy and simple.