How Often Should You Shampoo?

Claire Miles
Apr 15, 2022

This is a common concern amongst most people because it is impossible to figure out how often one should shampoo. There are concerns that if you shampoo one too many times it may weaken your hair, or worse, lead to hair fall. On the other hand, not shampooing often enough leads to your oil becoming too oily, making them hard to style and carry, in general.

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Getty Images / Moment / Oscar Wong

It is important to know what exactly shampoos do for your hair. It is quite simple- they trap the oils, or sebum, in your hair, which is excreted by your hair. As a result, if you shampoo too often your hair will lose too much oil and if you shampoo too less there will be excess oil in your hair. Experts suggest that there is no one answer as to how often one should shampoo. It depends on your hair type, how quickly they get oily after a wash and what styling techniques you use.

So, should you shampoo daily? If you are someone who exercises a lot and hence, your hair has a lot of sweat trapped in it, then the answer is yes. However, for most people the answer will be no and doing so will rid your hair of sebum, which moisturizes your hair and also forms a protective layer on your scalp.

So, should you go a few days without shampooing? The rule of the thumb is; the thicker your hair and the less oil they produce, the less shampoo you have to use. Consequently, the frequency of shampooing your hair will be most accurately determined by you! Because who knows your hair better than yourself?

In order to get a general idea, the average person shampoos every two to three days. Other than that, there are three main signs that show it is time for you to shampoo. These include: your hair feels oily, you start experiencing itching on your scalp or there is flaking on your scalp.