How Have Sports Impacted the World?

Claire Miles
Mar 14, 2023

Sports are a big part of people’s lives nowadays, it is even some people’s full-time jobs. Sports are beneficial in many ways; it makes us feel good, improve our
health, and we enjoy both playing and just watching it. While some people don’t like sports that much, others enjoy them, and others love them so much that they play on a regular basis and are sometimes even lucky enough to become superstars and profit off their talent, gaining fans and popularity. Sports are so popular that there are thousands of competitions worldwide every year for different types of sports; both simple–such as table tennis and golf– and tougher–such as football and basketball.

Sports has impacted the world in quite a few ways, in both negative and positive ways, but that depends on how people look at it. Sports is usually a mandatory subject in elementary and high school almost everywhere in the world, which is both good and bad, because even though there are many children who like sports, there are also many who don’t. I despised sports while I was in school, but now, I play basketball with my friends every day, so it’s not the same for
everyone. Sports is seen as a healthy and uplifting activity, so that’s the reason why schools encourage it, even if not a permanent subject, at least while students are young.

Sports are also the main source of income for many people; players, coaches, managers, and businesses linked to sports, such as those who provide sports gear and equipment. Sports like swimming and martial arts are not only fun and engaging but are also extremely helpful when put in dangerous situations such as falling in deep water or being harmfully attacked, and there are many stories out there of when people who practice swimming and martial arts have even saved lives.

Sports are so popular nowadays that it’s a regular topic in conversations, and almost always somewhere on the TV; without a doubt has sports had a great influence on the world today.