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Homemade Artisan Bread

Andrew Parker
Jan 21, 2022

There is something so soothing about baking bread. Maybe it’s releasing your tension while kneading the dough or meditating while waiting for the dough to rise – or maybe it’s the rewarding aspect of putting so much time and effort into something and getting a beautiful loaf of bread in return. If baking is your favorite pastime, here’s a recipe for you to try.

Freshly made loaf of white bread still in the tin.

Getty Images / Moment / Emma Farrer

You will actually only need four ingredients to make this artisan bread at home: bread flour, instant yeast, salt, and water. It’s important to note that all-purpose flour will also work for this recipe, but won’t give your bread the chewiness we all want in our baked goods.

Start by mixing all four ingredients together until the dough feels sticky, but not shaggy. Let it rise for about three hours, then preheat the oven and shape the dough into a loaf. Don’t forget to score it with a sharp knife before popping it in the oven! To know when your bread is done, simply tap it with a spoon or spatula – if it sounds hollow, it’s time to take them out of the oven.¬†While this is a super simple recipe, you can definitely make it more interesting by adding extra ingredients. We recommend olives, parmesan, Italian herbs, rosemary, garlic, raisins – or anything else your heart desires!