Highlights of Milan Fashion Week 2022

Claire Miles
Jan 03, 2023

The Milan Fashion Week in 2022 had a number of great moments. After two challenging preview years, we are beginning to get back to normal as a consequence of the Covid-19 outbreak, which leads to once again sold-out shows. This offers fashion designers and the industry optimism, and as a consequence, more events will be scheduled. After months of work, each house has achieved a fantastic result with the new collections that are aimed to surprise the market. So let’s move on to important events for premium fashion firms.

Alessandro Michele of Gucci imitated the late Virgil Abloh by citing his own artistic achievements as well as paying respect to his aesthetic preferences. The collection’s theme was mirrors—not in the literal sense, but in the idea that mirrors stand for. There were a ton of new styles for men’s suits, all of which had a bottom-heavy common factor. The products from the house’s partnership with Adidas, such as the white Victoriana nighttime dress, corset inserts, beanies, and of course, enormous tote bags, stole the show.

Colour Alternative View - Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Tristan Fewings / Stringer

Versace is to credit for the return of the sassiness to Milan Fashion Week. Donatella Versace redesigned the suit, the corset, and destroyed the conventions of power dressing in order to make room for the new fashion vocabulary to sprout from the ashes. Corset boning was widely used at the show in dresses, bodysuits, vests, and even crop tops. The neon-heavy color scheme and changing iterations of the new Versace monogram were carried over into the Autumn 2022 collection.

For their Autumn 2022 collection, Emporio Armani emphasized heavy militarism. Tall combat boots, berets, and three-piece suits modeled after workwear from the 1930s were seen being worn by men and women as they marched down the runways. The perfectly harmonious palette of greys also had splashes of pink, crimson, and green. This time, Mr. Armani’s collection combined formal attire with the glitz and glam of the Roaring Twenties nocturne, as if challenging its wearers and admirers to dress up more. Mr. Armani has a history of using design to understand important world events.