High-End Streetwear Brands

Claire Miles
Mar 26, 2022

The world of fashion is constantly changing and evolving. Now this includes the world of street fashion. In past years street fashion was seen as a simple way for individuals to express themselves by using cheaper alternatives. Now here’s where the fun begins. There are high-end fashion brands that have seen a gap in the market and now create clothes that everyone and anyone can wear. This is where high-end streetwear was born.

When you think high-end and luxury there are a variety of brands that come to mind. One of which is probably Louis Vuitton. After all, it has been around for decades. Now there has been a streetwear brand created under this exclusive brand. You may not have known this but the hype beast brand Off-White is actually a brand created by Louis Vuitton’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh. Once Off-White was first released, its popularity increased throughout the world. You will not find a variety of people, young and old rocking Off-White streetwear looks.

Person wearing Louis Vuitton denim jacket and Supreme purse

Getty Images / Getty Images Entertainment / Takashi Aoyama

If you try to think about what brand really elevated streetwear, you should definitely think of Supreme. What was once just an ordinary brand turned into luxury in just a matter of years. Since its increase in popularity, Supreme has collaborated with a number of luxury brands such as Rolex and Louis Vuitton. But that’s not what turned this brand high-end. Supreme is seen as high-end because of its exclusivity. You see they release a new range of clothing and other items weekly. This sends fans and supporters into a frenzy.

When it comes to sportswear there are two heavy hitters that have set their mark worldwide. This would definitely be Nike and Adidas. These two great sportswear brands noticed that there was a gap in their market and then extended their line to streetwear. But now what makes it high-end is what they have available for customers. This will include limited-edition sneakers and exclusive collaborations with celebrities.