Abandoned Places That Became Stunning Over Time

Claire Miles
Dec 25, 2020

Usually, when we leave a building, we can safely assume that we’ll come back to visit again at some point. And if not us, then somebody else probably will. However, there are some buildings which people left, only to never return again. Here are some abandoned places that turned into haunting masterpieces over time.

A forgotten well in Sintra, Portugal


Getty Images/Westend61

We’re not sure how anyone could forget about a place. Let alone a stunning ancient well in the middle of a city. But that is exactly what happened here.  Since humanity developed more advanced water systems and moved past the need for wells, this beautiful old well in Sintra, Portugal was left to “rot,” but let’s just say that all these years alone have done it good.

An abandoned house in Kolmanskop, a ghost town in Namibia.

house sand

Getty Images/AFP Contributor/AFP

This house clearly once had people living in it. We can tell from the unique color of the wallpaper and the cozy white doorway moldings. However, since no one has been living there for a long time, nature decided to take over. Back in 1908, a man discovered a diamond in this town, drawing people from all over the world who came in search of treasure. Sadly, once the area was dried up, it slowly became abandoned.

The houses in Gouqi Island, China are covered in moss.


Getty Images/Elizaveta Kirina/Moment

Yes, this is actually a real town and not something out of a weird dream you had last night. Gouqi Island was once a modest fishing village situated along the Yangtze River. However, since it was abandoned many years ago, nature decided to have some fun. The moss and ivy that now cover all the buildings give this town a truly surreal appearance.