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Herbs That Every Kitchen Needs

Marc Gordon
Jun 06, 2020

There are certain things which are simply staples that every well-stocked kitchen must have. Olive oil. Long-grain white rice. Half a dozen boxes of Wacky Mac. Okay, maybe that last one is debatable. But one thing that we can all agree on is the importance of having a kitchen that is stocked with fresh or dry herbs – preferably the former. Herbs are the key to making your homemade dishes burst with flavor. Whether whipping up a fancy chicken dinner or a pizza-from-scratch, here are some of the herbs you’ll want to have handy.



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Thyme is probably one of the most underrated on this list of herbs. Being super versatile, you can use thyme in basically any dish, from roasted potatoes in the oven to sumptuous chicken dinners. Apart from its versatility in the kitchen, thyme is also renowned for its special healing properties. Many people say it helps ease symptoms of indigestion, bronchitis, and even arthritis.



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Basil is definitely an herb you’ll want to have handy if you plan on doing any Italian cooking. Delicious in both pasta and pizza sauces, basil is definitely the key to making your Italian food taste authentic. For the best results, try using fresh basil leaves. They’re super easy to grow yourself, or you can purchase them from your local farmer’s market. However, dried basil will do the job just fine.



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Ah, rosemary! For some reason, the scent of this herb always makes us a bit nostalgic. Maybe it’s because of the many times we caught a whiff of the nearby rosemary bushes, or perhaps it’s because we remember the smell of holiday chicken dinners, which always had a sprinkle of this fragrant leaf. Did you know that rosemary is also used to make perfumes?



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Many people are only familiar with this herb from its common use in desserts. After all, who among us hasn’t indulged an after-dinner mint, or enjoyed the pleasure of mint chocolate chip ice cream? However, mint is used for savory cooking in many cuisines around the world. Try ordering a dish at your local Vietnamese restaurant, and you might notice a hint of this refreshing flavor.