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Healthy Finger Foods

Marc Gordon
Oct 11, 2022

Whether you are planning a dinner party, watching tv, or even busy with work, chances are you need something to nibble on. Now we know that it is very easy to grab junk foods such as chips sweets or even biscuits to name a few. But although it is easy to grab when you are feeling peckish, it is simply unhealthy. This brings us to healthier alternatives. Yes, that’s right there are healthier alternatives. These are simply called healthy finger foods. Healthy finger foods allow you to get a number of different healthy finger foods you can try. Simply take a look.

Yogurt sauce with parsley and lemon juice served on rustic wooden board with pita bread and fresh carrot and celery sticks

Getty Images / Moment / istetiana

Our first great finger food has got to be vegetables. Now don’t go rolling your eyes just yet. We know that everyone may not like eating vegetables because they can be a bit bland from time to time. However, what you may not know is that vegetables go perfectly with dips. That’s right, you may enjoy dips with chips which really do taste good. But dip goes even better with veggies. If this is a totally new pairing for you, try to go with your favorite dip and pair it with vegetables that you actually enjoy. With that said, you can enjoy your vegetables raw or cooked.

Next, we have to talk about fruits. You may not know this but fruits can actually help you feel full. They are also a great finger food alternative because they are good for your body. If you are craving sweets then a fruit might just be for you because most fruits are really sweet. Lastly, we have nuts, more specifically we are talking about legumes. Legumes are things like nuts, beans, and seeds. This may come as a surprise but legumes are high in protein and fibers. When eating legumes you will feel much fuller and they really do taste good.