Hand Bag Essentials

Laura Lee
Jul 13, 2022

If you are a woman that loves high-end handbags, you probably take really good care of your handbags. This also means that you don’t just put anything and everything in your bag. Now because you try to take such great care of your handbag, you may not know what exactly to put in it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk around with an empty handbag forever, there are in fact a few handbag essentials that won’t ruin the value look of your bag. That’s right, when reading this let you may come to realize that you have been missing a few things you are out and about.

Woman's Floating gloved hand holding purse

Getty Images / Moment / Ian Ross Pettigrew

The first thing you need to always have in your handbag will be your purse. Now before you go off and think that a purse is an old fashion, you need to understand why you need one. You see as a busy woman you probably have so many important cards, this includes your credit card and your driver’s license. Throwing them straight into your handbag might seem like a good idea at first but you have to remember that they can get lost really quickly. You also need a purse to hold all your cash. Your next handbag essential will be your keys. This can be your house keys and your car keys.

Now because you are so busy and probably on the move a lot, you will need some hand sanitizer. That’s right, you may not think it but hand sanitizer is one of the essentials you don’t even realize you need but can definitely come in handy. Alternatively, you can keep some hand wipes in your handbag. The last and probably most important thing you will need is your cell phone, now not only will you need your cell phone, but you will also need your charger.