Guide for Designing a Bullet Journal

Marc Gordon
May 06, 2023

Everyone can benefit significantly from a bullet journal. It helps students stay aware of due dates and prepare for tests, businessmen keep track of their finances, instructors accomplish the objectives they set for their pupils, engineers keep track of meetings, etc. However, it’s always crucial to embellish and beautify your journal since a decorative journal encourages you to keep organized and inspired. So, let’s look at some journal decorating ideas.

open bullet journal with "daily log" inscription written on the page

Getty Images / Moment / Louise LeGresley

Firstly, purchase a beautiful notebook. Then, put your name on the notebook’s first page and embellish it by drawing paper airplanes inside each of the blue color blobs you make. Then, write “Hello 2023” on the following page to create your cover page. Draw clouds and airplanes on the page since it will remind you that the sky is your limit and that you must reach new heights through your achievements. Also, think of putting some sparkle within the number “2023.” Then you can make your key page, where you can write a list of symbols and what they mean—for instance, a square for your preferences and a circle for events. However, you can alter your symbols to suit your specific requirements. Draw the paper airplanes and the clouds once again on this page.

You can create your future log for the entire year on the following pages. Cut 2 inches from the top and bottom of the page for this. You may write “Future log” in the top center of the page. On the left and right sides of the “Future log,” draw a cloud and a paper airplane. Each month’s name should be written in its designated location. The dates can be manually entered below each month or stamped out using a stamp calendar. You can enter specific monthly events below these calendars, such as a friend’s birthday, a cousin’s wedding, your examinations, etc. Suki Cloud Dreamland tape should be applied to the pages’ bottom and sides. Following the same cloud and paper airplane theme, create the pages for your goals, items you wish to check out, content planner, gratitude log, achievement log, etc.