“Grandma” And Stranger Spend Their 4th Thanksgiving Together
Jan 19, 2020
Laura Lee

Have You Earned Your Tomorrow

By Edgar Guest

Is anybody happier because you passed his way? Does anyone remember that you spoke to him today? This day is almost over, and its toiling time is through; Is there anyone to utter now a kindly word of you?

Did you give a cheerful greeting to the friend who came along? Or a churlish sort of "Howdy" and then vanish in the throng? Were you selfish pure and simple as you rushed along the way, Or is someone mighty grateful for a deed you did today?

Can you say tonight, in parting with the day that's slipping fast, That you helped a single brother of the many that you passed? Is a single heart rejoicing over what you did or said; Does a man whose hopes were fading now with courage look ahead?

Did you waste the day, or lose it, was it well or sorely spent? Did you leave a trail of kindness or a scar of discontent? As you close your eyes in slumber do you think that God would say, You have earned one more tomorrow by the work you did today?

Thanksgiving is a holiday that means spending time with family. But apparently, that doesn’t always mean your blood-related family, as proven in the case of Jamal Hinton, 20, and Wanda Dench, 62, who spent a Thanksgiving dinner together four years ago, despite the fact that they were total strangers. Four years later? They definitely have what to be grateful for – a beautiful and unique friendship.

On that fateful week, Jamal received a random text from someone claiming to be “Grandma”, asking if he was coming to Thanksgiving. He instantly realized there must be a mixup, and asked her to send a photo. That Grandma was Wanda, and the text was meant for her real grandson, Justin. But Wanda told Jamal that the invitation was still open.



Jamal did end up joining Wanda and her family for Thanksgiving and it’s a good thing he did – they hit it off and formed a close friendship out of the experience. But that wasn’t the last they’d see of each other. Hinton and Dench have spent every Thanksgiving together since, teaching the world that family can mean so many things and that sometimes forming new traditions are a good thing.

These days, Hinton brings his girlfriend to “Grandma’s” annual Thanksgiving dinner. The beautiful friendship between Dench and Hinton defies so many boundaries and gives us all something to be thankful for.