Get Toasty With The Perfect Winter Hat

Laura Lee
Dec 31, 2020

Winter is our favorite season for many reasons. It has the best holidays, hands-down. The most hearty food (leftover Christmas roast, anyone?) And, it just so happens to offer the most versatile wardrobe options, from luxe coats to cute booties. Luckily, this is the season when we get to break out our hat collection, aka the perfect way to ward off bad hair days. Here are some of our favorite hats that’ll keep you warm and toasty all season long.

Beanie or bust!

girl beanie

Getty Images/Westend61

Nothing quite says it-girl like throwing on a cool, droopy beanie before walking out the door. This effortless accessory is the perfect way to show the world how little you care what people think of you, while also being the perfect way to hide a frizzy-hair day. What more could you ask for?

Say it with a beret.

woman beret

Getty Images/F.J. Jimenez/Moment

How do you give off uber French-girl vibes while also keeping your look super low-key and casual? (i.e. no striped shirts or macarons, please.) Easy. Just throw on a beret. While it might seem scary to rock this iconic and bold piece, a beret looks super chill when paired with a turtleneck and jeans, and could easily become your new signature piece.

Team fedora for life.

fedora girl

Getty Images/HEX

What do you wear when you feeling extra confident? Or better yet, what do you wear when you need that extra boost of confidence? In both cases, the answer is a fedora, obvs. This wide-brim hat is the perfect way to shield yourself from the world, while also letting people know that you’re on top of the world. Just trust us on this one.