Four Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Small Living Space

Andrew Parker
Jan 05, 2022

Just got a new apartment, and your mind is buzzing with new ideas to turn it into your dream space? You fill your mood board with Pinterest interior decor ideas, from the choice of color to plants, vintage pieces, and furniture. Then you realize your ideas won’t translate well into your space without making it look cramped. Here are tips to make your small living space look bigger, brighter and turn it into a cozy home you’ll always look forward to coming to.

Plan each area with a defined purpose.

Living room with green wallpaper and mustard couch

Getty Images / Moment / Boris SV

Before moving things around, try to picture each area in your house and its purpose mentally. Then, choose pieces that fulfill this purpose. For example, a sleeping area must consist of a bed and blanket; a working space usually contains a desk, chair, and maybe a bookshelf. When you finish fixing the essential pieces, try adding some sentimental pieces. Be careful not to go overboard to avoid a cramped finished look.

Don’t shy away from bringing in the light.

Computer monitor on desk in living room

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Natural light helps open up spaces and leaves them with a bright, airy feel. Think less about doors, especially if they’re going to remain open most of the time. One trick is to place a mirror opposite the direction of the natural light. This trick reflects the light into various parts of your room and makes your space look brighter and larger than it is.

Allow for negative space.

Modern living room with pink bike and green couch

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Like it or not, every small space needs a bit of negative space. There is the temptation to jam things together in small spaces to give more room. However, this achieves the opposite effect and makes everything look cluttered. Instead, try giving objects a little breathing space.

Think flexibility for furniture pieces.

Potted plants in dinning room

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Try getting multi-purpose furniture pieces that serve various uses to minimize clutter and maximize storage. An example could be a bookshelf that doubles as a center table or a foldable sofa that expands into a bed.
Applying some of these tips can help liven up your space, but don’t forget to make it yours. It’s your space. Make it yours