Fashion Tips From Princess Diana

Claire Miles
Jan 14, 2021

Princess Diana was loved by everyone. Her work as a humanitarian and a philanthropist was extremely helpful especially for underprivileged children and hospital patients. She was even listed among the 100 most important people in the 20th century by TIME magazine. On top of that, she managed to create fashion trends that would last way until today.

Mixing Classic and Sporty Styles

Diana, The Princess Of Wales, wearing a green sports jacket at Alton Towers Theme Park

Getty Images / Julian Parker / UK Press

One of Diana’s favorite everyday fashion styles was a combination of sporty clothes and classic accessories. Combining the comfort of sporty pieces of clothing and the elegance of smaller accents she created a new style trend. And this trend is still part of streetwear in the 21st century.


Diana, Princess Of Wales, wears a long blue dress matching her clutch handbag and shoes in Sydney, Australia

Getty Images / Julian Parker / UK Press

As part of her job as a princess, Diana had to attend numerous gala events. For those situations, she would usually choose outfits with asymmetric elements. This lack of symmetry creates a bigger visual interest, turning any otherwise boring outfit into something stylish. Bonus tip: monochromatic outfits automatically make you look more put-together.

Color Blocking

Princess Diana wears a red and purple outfit during a visit to Hong Kong in November 1989

Getty Images / Anwar Hussein / WireImage

Just like monochromatic outfits, a well-mixed color block can make you look extremely fashionable. The biggest rule of this trend: avoid sharp contrasts. Pair colors that have the same sentiment. That is, combine major colors with major colors, and minor colors with minor colors. And, of course, when in doubt, take a look at the color wheel.


Princess Diana wearing a layered pearl necklace and a black dress

Getty Images / Anwar Hussein / WireImage

If diamonds are a girl’s best friends, pearls are her soulmates. It is a fact that even the most basic black dress can look a thousand times more elegant when combined with the right piece of jewelry. Princess Diana knew this secret and used pearl accessories such as earrings and necklaces to elevate her outfits. So chic!