Fashion Marketing

Laura Lee
Mar 29, 2023

Marketing is the backbone of the fashion industry. As clothes are made to be sold, marketing maximizes this chance and increases the brand’s reach and profitability. Marketing which used to be very “conventional” before with TV advertisements and magazine endorsements, has gone all online now. Every budding entrepreneur is trying to tap into the magical energy of social media to promote their business among their rivals.

Early in the 2000s, designers promoted their designs by holding fashion shows. A big venue was selected for this occasion, and prominent models- men and women- would walk on the “ramp” to showcase the designer’s ideas, creations, and, most importantly, the brand image. In those times, these fashion shows were an integral part of the fashion industry, and regular “fashion weeks” were held in major cities worldwide. The audience of these shows were the retail customers, journalists, and private clients of designers. As soon as the show was held, live transmissions were broadcasted, and the pictures and video were also transmitted instantly for marketing or inspiration.

Augmented reality marketing concept. Hand holding digital tablet smart phone use AR application to check special sale price in retail fashion shop mall

Getty Images / Moment / Prasit photo

However, the advent of the internet, especially social media, also altered the ways of marketing in the fashion industry. In the pandemic, “digital media” played a transformative role in the growth of popular fashion brands and the emergence of new ones. Instagram, the visual platform millennials love, is more effective at your brand promulgation than any other platform. With the fashion-friendly interface of Instagram and the rise of Instagram influencers, Instagram has become the key marketing platform for brand managers.

According to research, “social media marketing” in the fashion industry is predicted to grow by 872$ billion by 2023. With social media’s focus on lifestyle and consumerism, it is the favorite tool by brand owners to grow their fashion brands. With the newfound focus on online digital markets, social media acts as a golden bridge between brands and customers. With the right tools and strategies, a small boutique owner can give tough competition to seasoned veterans in a short period!