Fashion Blogger And Husband Post Stunning Home Renovations

Laura Lee
Feb 25, 2020

If you’re from the UK, or just really into fashion, you might be familiar with the name Victoria Magrath. With over 880k followers on her Instagram account @inthefrow, she’s currently one of the UK’s top fashion bloggers and it doesn’t look like she has plans of slowing down any time soon. About a year ago, she and her photographer husband, Alex Harrison, began documenting their home renovation journey, and their Instagram posts speak for themselves.

Meet The Homeowners

This photo was one of the first the couple posted on the Instagram page documenting their renovation journey, @frowhome. They started off with an empty home and showed the process of filling in all the blank spaces. But even now that they have their dream home, Magrath and her husband are constantly making small improvements.

Be My Guest

We wouldn’t say no to sleeping in a guest room like this. That bedding set is giving off total mermaid vibes, and we can’t get enough of the matching wall art. If this room is just for guests, we can’t help but wonder what the master bedroom looks like.

What’s Cookin’?

Monochrome is always on-trend and this black and white color scheme is no exception. Even for those of us who would rather order take out than spend any excess time in the kitchen, this beautiful room would probably be just the thing to inspire us to try a new dinner dish – or at least whip up a nice piece of toast.

Living In Style

Without a doubt, this is a living room fit for a fashion blogger. While Magrath might be the more famous blogger of the two, Harrison is no slouch himself. With 64k+ followers, his photography skills are the perfect accompaniment to her fashionable ones.